Horizontal Mount Stainless Steel Float Switches

Our horizontal-mount liquid level sensors are versatile, reliable and economical. They mount through the side of the chamber, so brackets are not required. For volume orders, we can customize these switches to meet your specific needs.

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ISO 9001 Factory
Price - 1 Piece$22.00$26.00$195.00$20.00$335.00
Price - 25 pieces$19.00$23.00$185.00$18.00$320.00
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Threading TypeM16NPT: 1/2" outNPT: 1/2" in & outM10NPT: 1" in & 1/2" out
Straight Threading
Fastening Nut Included
Seals via Included Silicon O-ring
Tapered Threading
Self Seals When Mounting
Stem Material304 Stainless304 Stainless316 Stainless304 Stainless304 Stainless
Float Material304 Stainless304 Stainless316 StainlessStainless304 Stainless
Integrated Slosh Guard
Float Specific Gravity.
Temperature Rating-10 to +80C-10 to +80C-10 to +200C-10 to +80C-10 to +150C
Float Diameter.69" / 17mm.69" / 17mm.65" / 17mm1.1" / 28mm1.00" / 25mm
Stem Length (overall)4.9" / 124mm4.4" / 112mm6.1" / 155mm3.4" / 86mm9.3" / 235mm
Lead Wires22 ga., 24"22 ga., 24"22 ga., 24"22 ga., 13"22 ga., 24"
Normally Closed
Invert Float to Reverse to Normally Open Operation
Normally Open Version Available by Special Order
Internal Reed UL Recognized
Overall Part UL Recognized
Large PhotoFLT241 Large PhotoFLT243 Large PhotoFLT014 Large PhotoFLT223 Large PhotoFLT007 Large Photo
Complete Spec SheetFLT241 Spec SheetFLT243 Spec SheetFLT014 Spec SheetFLT223 Spec SheetFLT007 Spec Sheet
Technical Reference InformationHow it Works | Controlling Devices | Specific Gravity Table | Liquids Compatibility