Materials Compatibility

Chicago Sensor can supply or design float switches in materials that will withstand nearly any environment. The table below provides a description of materials commonly used in liquid level sensors and their most common applications.

Material Application
Polypropylene Versatile material good for general purpose applications as well as acidic environments like metal finishing. Suitable for low to medium temperature applications
Stainless Steel Generally used in higher temperature or higher pressure environments or in corrosive conditions. Common applications include medical, food and heating equipment
Brass Normally used in petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, gasoline, and lube oils. Often used in vehicle, generator or hydraulic applications.
Buna-N Good for aromatic hydrocarbons, dilute acids and bases such as fuel tanks, hydraulic fluid storage, transmissions, etc.
Kynar High purity plastic used in food handling, sensitive test equipment and other environments calling for chemical and solvent resistance.

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