Chicago Sensor designs, manufactures and distributes liquid level sensors and liquid level switches for use in a wide variety of OEM applications. You can rely on us for virtually any kind of float switch. We stock large quantities of standard liquid level control switches for common fluid level control applications and develop custom designs for unique applications. Our float sensors and our other liquid level measurement devices are manufactured in ISO certified facilities. We can supply products with UL, CSA, NSF and other certifications and can design a liquid level sensor for any application.

Our liquid level switches are used in a broad range of industries and fluids and utilize magnetic reed, conductivity and ultrasonic technologies. Our customers are original equipment manufacturers with a need for accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness in fluid level sensors.

Level sensors for every need

We manufacture liquid level switches with an endless combination of sizes, mounting options and materials to suit your specific level sensing requirements.

Our miniature polypropylene sensors are durable, versatile and economical. For applications that involve high pressure or corrosive conditions, our stainless steel level sensors are sturdy and reliable and come in large, full-size configurations for harsh environments or with compact floats for tight spaces.

Our side-mounting level sensors come in tapered NPT and bulkhead-style fittings for mounting from inside a chamber or outside. These sensors are excellent for low level indication since the float can remain submerged in liquid while the wires are routed safely away through the container wall.

New Extended Threading Sensor

Chicago Sensor’s newest vertical mount float switch offers flexibility in mounting for applications that require a long stem and the ability to adjust mounting height for different product configurations. The switch can also be used when your customers need to adapt your product to their individual fluid level sensing requirements.
This new adjustable level switch offers durable stainless steel construction with a float diameter of just one inch. Each switch comes with two hex nuts and two silicon o-rings. The stem features a 2.4 inch long threaded section which allows users to mount the switch high, low or at different heights from time to time to adjust to varying fluid level sensing objectives. The overall stem length is 4.9 inches. Designed originally as a water level sensor for tank level control, this liquid level control switch can be adapted to a variety of fluids. We can also design other adjustable level switches quickly and economically.
Contact us today for more information and mention part number FLT235A or see our Products area for more information on this and other Chicago Sensor tank level switch solutions.

Whether your need is for a liquid level switch to do testing in a prototype or a liquid level detector for an end use application at the best possible pricing, we are here to support you with our broad variety of in-stock liquid level controls, specialized design services and technical advice. Our goal? Supporting Your Innovation™ with reliable, economical solutions.