MaxiJet 600 Pump


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Multi-use submersible pump and powerhead

  • Great pump for auto top-off set-ups
  • Uses 1/2” inside diameter tubing available here
  • Also can be used for undergravel filters, terrariums, waterfalls, etc.
  • Venturi aeration device has a silencer and flow adjustment
  • Powerful flow maximizes oxygenation Flow rate of up to 160 gallons per hour
  • Quiet motor will not overheat even if it runs dry
  • Maximum vertical pumping capability (head) of 53”
  • Accessory kit allows for conversion into a powerhead
  • Kit Includes:
    • adjustable hook with cable guide
    • triple suction cup mount
    • venturi injector
    • directional flow adjustment
    • air intake adapter

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Weight 1.119 oz