M5600 Float Switch


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  • Larger, beefier version of M5000; stainless steel float switch for general purpose use
  • Heavy duty but lightweight – higher wattage rating than our other switches
  • Better in corrosive applications than polypropylene – works in high temps (ex. boiling water)
  • 24 inch leads (22 gauge Teflon wire)
  • ¼” NPT mounting – does not come with a nut
  • Don’t use in heavy duty applications like sewage pumps
  • Great for:
    • corrosive environments
    • boiling water, steam
    • higher wattage and
      better specific gravity ratings than the M5000
  • How does it work?
    See How Float Switches Work
  • Dimensions: see our float switch sizing chart
  • Specifications:
    • max wattage: 60W
    • nominal VA: 60 – rated for resistive load
    • max temperature: 200 degrees C / 392 degrees F
    • max pressure: 13 BAR
    • specific gravity: .55*
    • normally closed**
  • Warranty: manufacturer warrants against defect for one year
  • Warnings:
    • using the switch to control a pump? Beware of spiking voltage
    • do not submerge without sealing top to a point above liquid level.

* Great for water. For other fluids, check specific gravity.
** The wires complete a circuit when the float is down. You can reverse the operation by removing the clip, turning the float upside down and replacing the clip.

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