Introducing our new bent-arm stainless steel float switch

Chicago, IL, November 27, 2013: Chicago Sensor, Inc., a leader in the manufacture and distribution of liquid level sensors in the U.S. and internationally, introduces our new bent arm stainless steel liquid level sensor: the FLT223 series.

The new design offers users the ability to sense liquid level 1.5 inches below the mounting point of the switch, but without the need for a custom bracket as would be required with a vertical-mount switch. The switch mounting hole can be above the high-level point in a chamber, avoiding long-term issues with leakage or caustic chemicals that may resist normal techniques for sealing the mounting hole. 


Developed by Chicago Sensor for an aviation engineering client, the switch can be used in a variety of applications. The Company keeps small quantities of the switch in stock and ready for immediate shipment at Order quantities in the thousands can generally be produced in just three to four weeks. The switch offers excellent value, with pricing under $14 per piece in quantity..

Chicago Sensor designs, manufactures and distributes liquid level sensors and switches for use in a wide variety of OEM applications. Chicago Sensor stocks large quantities of standard designs for common liquid level control applications and develops custom designs for unique applications. The Company is a leading distributor of Madison Company sensors and also manufactures switches and sensors under the Chicago Sensor brand name. The Company’s sensors are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

For more information contact Chicago Sensor at (773) 252-9660.